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The Bellwood TeaM

The language in these paragraphs (1-2) should be influenced by our brand sprint. Things to include:

  1. Who we are

  2. Why we are doing this

  3. Our collective interests and strengths



where our coffee comes from

Bellwood has three emphases when sourcing and selecting coffees: high quality, sustainable, and traceable. High quality is somewhat redundant considering we’re a specialty coffee shop, but we nonetheless strive to source the best quality coffees we can for our customers. For coffee farmers, a high quality product can also suggest a higher level of economic sustainability. We will buy higher quality products that call for higher price tags. This means that the farmers, who put forth the bulk of the workload in creating high quality coffee, will reap the benefits of their labor. Higher prices for coffee can also come with a better standard of living for farmers and the many individuals that help produce their coffee. Lastly, we don’t just want you to take our word for it, we want to show you exactly where our coffees come from. Without a traceable supply chain, we just learn from the words and numbers shared with us from our importing partners. With a traceable supply chain, we have the opportunity to read messages and hear stories directly from the farmers themselves, and we can see the impact our business has on their communities.

With these three things in mind, Bellwood believes we can change the way small sized coffee roasters and it’s customers talk about coffee. We also believe that “high quality” won’t just refer to the way the coffee tastes, but it will refer to the impact this amazing product can make on a international and communal scale.

Drink up!